‘My dream Tinder date became nightmare when he called me chubby and talked about Satan’


Dating is scary.

Nowadays there are all sorts of apps to contend with, and tips and tricks to find a partner.

Tinder is the place people usually turn to when desperate and in need of some sort of affection.

You get the app on your phone, you make an account, you add some pictures (of yourself and of your dog), you try and come up with the quirkiest bio and then – boom – profile done.

You start swiping, left for no, right for yes. Then comes the messaging, either you or the other person starts with a Hello, and you go from there.

Now the scary part is actually setting up a date. After a couple of days of exchanging messages, you’re going to want to meet this ‘prince charming’.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

It was around March this year when, after a bad break up, I decided to jump back on the dating wagon. After a couple of weeks of just ‘window shopping’ and being too scared to commit to any of the plans I was making with all these guys, I started talking with the man I thought was going to be ‘the one’.

Beautiful blue eyes, nice curly brown hair, his bio said 6ft tall. Honestly, every heterosexual girl’s dream.

So, I took my chances. I messaged him first, something girls don’t tend to do very often.

Our conversation started like any other; we talked for hours and got to know each other, so we moved the conversation on to Snapchat. A couple of days went by, we kept messaging each other and worked out that we had more things in common than we first thought. And so we set up a date.

The original plan was to meet up by the pier, go watch the sunset, and then get some food at a restaurant near there.

When the big day came, I put on a nice outfit, applied my makeup, grabbed my bag and was on my way.

I met up with him by the pier, but instead of us going to the beach like we’d originally agreed, he said he had a “better place in mind”. We took a left and strolled to some small hills, with the forlorn view of some excavators and barren rocks.

We sat down on a bench and started talking. From the start the conversation was weird – he started telling me about his Satanist flatmate from uni. It was a very weird curveball as that wasn’t related to the original topic.

Then all of a sudden, he started throwing all these insults at me, about how I am an ‘idiot’ and a bit too ‘chubby’ for him. All of this while he gradually closed the gap between us on the bench. When he told me he didn’t like girls who smoke, I saw that as my silver lining.

I lit one cigarette and he seemed to back off, but just when I finished, he grabbed my shoulders and forced my face close to his.

In that moment I knew that the only thing left for me to do is to message my friends. Luckily one of them called me immediately with our code – her boyfriend had broken up with her and I needed to head back ASAP.

I told him so and went to leave. After an awkward goodbye, and me getting home, he saw my Snap Maps was on and asked to pick me up to go out with him and his friends.

That’s when I blocked him.

Moral of the story: online dating is scary, and for me this could have easily taken a turn for the worst. It’s made me more hesitant about who I put my trust in for future dates.