Man praised for ‘magnificent’ solution when he couldn’t afford graduation robes


A man found himself in a quandary when he couldn’t afford to hire robes for his graduation – so he came up with his own version which was praised as “magnificent” at the ceremony.

Will Radford, 23, couldn’t justify spending £246 on a mortarboard, cape, and gown, but he still wanted to attend his graduation – having earned his photography degree from the University of Gloucestershire.

So he decided to make his own robes – out of binbags, and the end result was nothing short of spectacular, with black plastic covering his feet, legs, torso, and part of his head.

Will described his outfit as a ‘statement’, and British painter Peter Edwards praised his outfit in a speech after receiving an honorary doctorate in arts.

Speaking to The Sun, Will said: “It was really expensive and I think it was such a shame that at the end of it all I couldn’t put on a cape and gown. I’ve told a couple of friends and they think it’s hilarious. It’s a statement I think, I’ve paid enough for the course already.”

Will explained that he finished the course a year ago but the graduation ceremony was delayed due to covid.

He continued: “I’ve been mostly unemployed for the last year since I left university. I’ve just moved to a new place and I’m down to my last £100. I really cannot afford it, it’s not an exaggeration at all.”

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Peter Edwards said: “Hi everyone, I haven’t prepared anything but first of all I would like to say well done to the guy in the bin bags, I thought that was magnificent.”

Meanwhile, a social media influencer enraged the French after sharing the ‘Parisian’ way to eat a croissant – as one person labelled her technique ‘a crime’.

Carolin Lauffenberger took to Instagram to share the way she eats the French delicacy, and in the clip she’s sat at a cafe with a cappuccino on her table.

She then takes the croissant and dips it into her coffee, which Carolin insists is how French people eat their croissants – but apparently that’s not so.

Her post on Instagram attracted a lot of comments from French nationals complaining about the way Carolin mistreated the croissant, with one saying the technique would have made their grandmother cry.