Asda launch Christmas snack that’s ‘giant Dairylea Lunchables for adults’


Asda shoppers are delighted as the supermarket giant has launched a new Christmas snack and everyone thinks it looks like ‘Dairylea Lunchables for adults’.

An image of the Party Snack Platter was shared on Facebook and most people are overjoyed, saying they can finally buy themselves the childhood treat without feeling too old.

Costing just £5, the ‘ Party Snack Platter ‘, features squares of medium and spicy cheddar, circles of oven baked ham and chicken as well as cracker bites.

It was shared on the Extreme Bargains and Savings UK page, with the caption: “Is it just me or has Asda remade Dairylea Lunchables for adults?”

Soon the post went viral and shoppers rushed to social media to comment their approval of the new product.

One joked ” Christmas dinner sorted” whilst another added, “finally an adult-sized Lunchable”.

A third then commented: “Get a couple of these for Boxing Day. Sorted.”

Then another user wrote: “I would have defo picked this up when I was in Asda yesterday if I had seen it. I love a Lunchable.”

And another said: “My son is obsessed with Lunchables, this is the ultimate snack. We have to get him one.”

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